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2018: Analysis report on the operation status of national cement grinding stations

At present, cement grinding stations are the largest component of cement enterprises in terms of quantity and production capacity. Among them, the third-party social grinding station with the largest number faces three severe challenges at the policy, enterprise and market levels, and its living space is constantly being squeezed. The author believes that for a large number of social grinding stations, there may be three paths of active upgrading and transformation, mergers and reorganizations, and forced withdrawal from the market in the future. If you do not want to be eliminated under the pressure of policy and market competition, you should be forward-looking Layout.

What are the advantages of motor direct drive?

In daily life, you will see that some motors directly drive the pulley to work, without using a reducer to connect the working machine and the motor. For example, some small rice mills directly use a geared motor to directly drive the pulley to drive the rice knife in the rice mill. When these motors drive a load, they need to be driven by a transmission device (such as a transmission belt, etc.). In fact, there is another motor that can directly drive the load without the transmission device. This kind of motor is a direct drive technology that uses "direct drive technology". Drive the motor.

The relationship between the characteristics of expansion sets and the service life

The expansion sleeve is easy to disassemble and has good interchangeability. Since the expansion sleeve can combine the shaft hub with a larger matching gap, the bolts are loosened when disassembling, and the connected parts can be easily disassembled. When swelling, the contact surface is tightly fitted and not corroded, and it is also easy to disassemble. These unique advantages of the expansion sleeve make it widely used in various mechanical equipment in the textile, packaging, machine tool, metallurgical and other industries

What are the advantages and disadvantages of permanent magnet synchronous motors, and what are the developments?

The operating principle of the permanent magnet synchronous motor is the same as that of the electrically excited synchronous motor, but it replaces the latter's field winding excitation with the magnetic flux provided by the permanent magnet, making the motor structure simpler. In recent years, the improvement of the performance of permanent magnet materials and the advancement of power electronics technology have promoted the development of new principles and new structures of permanent magnet synchronous motors, and have strongly promoted the development of motor product technology, varieties and functions. Some permanent magnet synchronous motors A series of products have been formed, the capacity of which has grown from small to large, and has now reached the megawatt level, with a wider range of applications; its status is becoming more and more important...

Top 50 Chinese Coal Enterprises

A few days ago, the list of the top 50 Chinese coal companies in 2018 was released. According to the list, the National Energy Investment Group Co., Ltd. ranked first, with operating income of 505.901 billion yuan in 2017. Shandong Energy Group Co., Ltd. ranked second, with operating income of 308.527 billion yuan in 2017. Shaanxi Coal Industry Chemical Group Co., Ltd. ranked third, with operating income of 260.889 billion yuan in 2017.
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