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With registered capital of U.S. dollar 55 million, headquarters in Shanghai, China and manufacturing base in Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province, 金年会中国金年会登录, founded in 1988 and covering about 180,000m2, is a high-tech enterprise group integrating research and development, design, manufacturing and sales. It provides permanent magnet variable frequency driving system solutions for conveying and mechanical equipment, mill and preparation equipment, hoisting equipment, pumps and fans. Its core products include permanent magnet motors, frequency converters, electronic controls, disc brakes, permanent magnet vortex transmissions, couplings, backstops, keyless coupling sleeves, etc. Currently, the company has an experienced and innovative professional research and development team that is led by professors and senior engineers and comprised of doctors and masters. The company cooperates with numerous universities and scientific research institutions to launch long-term research in permanent magnet direct driving, power and electronic control and online computer network detection technologies, and conducts integrated "mechanical-electronic-electrical" design for equipment, up to advanced international and leading domestic levels.
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金年会中国金年会登录 (Headquarters)
Address: 5th Floor, Bureau of Commerce, Xiabancheng Town, Chengde County, Chengde City, Hebei Province, China.
Switchboard: 0314-3143922

Fax: 0314-3143925
After-sales Phone:0314-3143922
金年会中国金年会登录 (Production Base)
Xiabancheng Town, Chengde County, Chengde City, Hebei Province, China.
Email:shkf@cdcxyl.com (After-sales Service Department)
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