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Qixi Festival丨The years are like weaving, you are at a glance

People who have been away all the year round have been running around for a long time, and they have become strangers in those days when they are looking away, either in Shan, Gan, Ning, Mongolia or in Jin, Hebei, Lu, Henan...

金年会中国金年会登录 PVD system was successfully installed in Sanjiazi Iron Mine

On October 8, 金年会中国金年会登录 PVD system was successfully installed in Sanjiazi Iron Mine.

Project transformation of belt conveyor to help users solve long-term problems

The Jiayuguan Pass in Gansu is 2640 meters above sea level, and iron ore traverses the valleys. The 78-kilometer railway line is built on the basis of the factory, and 138-kilometer transportation trunk lines are connected outside the factory. For this mine with a long history, JNG requires a lot of maintenance due to the aging of its equipment, which greatly affected the production work and increased the workload of the workers. Therefore, transformation has become an indispensable way. Speaking of reconstruction, we must first "understand the pulse." Therefore, the technical team of Seiki began to evaluate the on-site use environment, working conditions, operating habits, and the advantages and disadvantages of the equipment, and then formulate a belt reconstruction plan. The conveyor belt is based on the evaluation results. phase

happy New Year

The balance in 2018 is already insufficient, and 2019 is approaching, the old and the new are pushed forward one after another, moving forward in dreams. Before turning to the new page, let us look back at 2018 again. Your first impression of Seiki is: Permanent magnet variable frequency direct drive system? Permanent magnet motor? Black technology? Excellent coupling, backstop? Gold bulging? ... You are right! 金年会中国金年会登录 focuses on the drive system and its components! Our goal is first. In 2018, with the joint efforts of all colleagues, the single-year sales of our permanent magnet motors hit a record high, reaching 192 units, providing more reliable drives for coal, cement, mining, power and other industries.
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